The only difference between reality and fiction is that fiction needs to be credible.”

Mark Twain


What Mark Twain was trying to say is that one has to believe that the real estate dream is possible no matter the negative connotations at every turn. We know that real estate investing has been part of wealth creation for generations that it’s traced back to Roman empire when was called insulae (that consists of apartment buildings for people who could not afford a domus).


Is it a fiction to believe that your first purchase is apartment in Yaletown? YES (possible if you have 40% down-payment for a $ 1.5 Mil purchase and a stable job)


It’s a fiction to believe that you will be able to buy a home someday in Vancouver and pay the same price like someone living in Manitoba or Nova Scotia? YES, that’s fiction


It is a fiction to believe what’s shown on HDTV House hunters’ episodes? YES (same reason people watch bachelor)


Rent in a big city and own in small town? That is NOT a fiction


Buying recreational properties, REIT investment, commercial property are other forms of real estate investments that would get you started in the real estate ladder - NOT fiction


Negotiate low interest rates, take advantage of government program with down-payment or join an investment group is NOT a fiction




I moved to Vancouver 20 years ago after worked 2 years on cruise ship where I saved some money. On my second week I purchased a 1-bedroom condo which I renovated and sold the following year for a profit and bough 2 investment properties & and kept going from there. I had 3 jobs one time to be able to support my ‘real estate habit’ but, I was able to grow and my goal was always to be mortgage free. I am not there yet but, I am working at it every with that in mind.


Anyone these days find it difficult to reciprocate what I did because there is no formula that works for everyone. Everyone has different situation and particular constrains but, look at positives and find what you are good at: legal, accounting, renovations? Then hire a team of professionals to help you with your investment. An experienced realtor could be the glue or catalyst for becoming an investor or home owners. There are so many avenues out there not known to 80% of general population ( 80/20 rule) because they do not know where to look or do not ask for help because they want to do things on their own.


I wrote a book on investing and home ownership so you do not need to reinvent the wheel contact me for a free copy NO strings attached. Some people think that realtors have alternative motives or self -interest but, that’s the farther from the truth for I that for one I like to help and coach someone and love to see them grow as an investor and homeowner.


It is possible to own real estate in BC if you stop listen to nay Sayers and have a sliver of grit and self –confidence and that is the GAP between fiction and reality.

  Likewise, Mark Twain said “fiction need to be credible”.

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With a 20% Inventory vs Sale ratio, Vancouver’s real estate market is finding its zen, after years of rocketing highs and some media lows. 

For home buyers, this means more selection and less competitive bidding, meaning they can feel comfortable searching for a home that feels right, instead of right now. 

And that feeling can be found by using a little feng shui in your home search. 

Feng shui is channelling positive energy or qi into a person’s life, through proper arrangement of living spaces. Its origins are as old as Chinese civilization, and an expression of how the ancient Chinese saw their relationship with the universe. 

4,000 years ago, Chinese capitals aligned themselves along a north-south axis and today, this continues, evidenced by Beijing’s grid layout. 

Achieve Home Buying Zen  

For homebuyers, the location, area or neighbourhood of a potential home — called sectors — can harness feng shui, enhancing their careers and livelihoods. 

Though often thought of in terms of interior design, feng shui also applies to a home’s physical location. 

Vancouver’s unique landscape and neighbourhoods make it easy for buyers to find their little piece of zen. 

Vancouver-based Feng Shui expert Marlyna Los breaks down different sectors thusly:

SW – anything to do with property investments, insurance and real estate.

South – technology, beauty, metaphysics, life transformation, optician, telecommunications

SE – gardening, fashion, architecture, academic and scholarly pursuits, education, coaching

East – sports, physical related work, agriculture, physical movement

NE – conventional healing, well being, fitness, body or mind improvements

North – consulting, trading, logistics, aquatics

NW – accounting, finance, legal, military, anything to do with regulations

If you’re an accountant or lawyer, a house located within northwest Vancouver’s neighbourhoods such as Dunbar or Point Grey — or a northwest corner of your favourite city block — will enhance your concentration and career pursuits. 

Naturally, many people within these professions have gravitated to these areas. It makes you wonder, doesn’t it?

East Vancouver’s demographics appeal to vibrant, active homebuyers, as well as those young at heart. As Los says, East represents sports and physical movement, hence a large number of cyclists and outdoor enthusiasts who hike, kayak and ski/snowboard. 

Also, East Vancouver is home to burgeoning urban agricultural initiatives, where many homeowners use their property to cultivate vegetables for donation to the less fortunate, teaching their children the value of taking care of the Earth. 

If you’re looking for a little zen in your home buying experience, I provide a no-hassle approach that lets you go with the flow! Call Michael Tudorie today!

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Just when we thought the hardest thing to get out of our basement was that TV from 1993, we hear about Michael Rotondo, who has sued his parents for wanting him evicted


The 30-year-old New York man took his parents, Christina and Mark, to court, claiming their eviction notices did not provide him enough time. Polite notes from his parents included suggestions that Michael find work and sell things with significant value, especially “any weapons you may have.”


We’re likely to never face a case that messy. But we do have messy crawlspaces, garages and rooms. Ever worry about someone seeing your stuff, feeling you’ll be put on trial? Maybe you want to downsize to a smaller home but don’t know where all the junk will go? 


Fortunately, unlike large adult sons, clutter can’t appeal its eviction and it doesn’t need 30 days notice to leave. 


But dealing with it does need a plan. 

Be Judicious With Junk

Being junk’s judge, jury and executioner means that you must not be lenient, even if your deceased second aunt’s combo hot dog cooker/bun toaster that you used that one day eight years ago tugs at your heart strings. 


Start by serving notice to yourself, mentally preparing to go through with the job. Set a target date to begin, and start your preparations. Have a clear area near the clutter that allows you to sort items by clear categories, such as ‘Love It,’ and ‘Lose It.’ Use this opportunity time to book any dumpsters, bins or trucks that you may need. 


Once the trial begins, go for the obvious throw-away’s first. As your room clears, so will your resolve to be as judicious as possible. 


If your trial isn’t going well, it’s time to get representation. Calling in the experts like decluttering expert Janet Clarke at A Helping Hand can give you the upper hand. 


Or, call in the kids to help out. And if they say ‘no,’ just tell them that you won’t de-clutter, sentencing them to a life of owning your junk in addition to theirs. They’ll be plea dealing in no time! 


If you want to downsize your Vancouver home or have a 'Michael' in your basement who needs to move, contact me at or at 604-910-7777!

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You never know what interesting things you'll see in Kitsilano! In this instance, we have a public art installation entitled "Vancouver Novel" that was erected in 2014 as part of Vancouver Biennale.


The digital sign displays different random messages every couple of minutes. Every time I pass by, I always make sure to look and see what it says this time!



You can learn more about the piece here:


If you'd like more information about the Kitsilano or Point Grey neighbourhood or are considering a move to the area, reach out to me and I'd be glad to help you find any information you need. 604-910-7777

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Kitsilano Neighbourhood House is a community resource I'm passionate about. It offers a variety of services to Kits residents including childcare, public computer access, a venue for weddings, and much more. Learn more about Kits Neighbourhood House on their web site here:

If you'd like more information about the Kitsilano neighbourhood or community resources, reach out to me and I'd be glad to help you find any information you need. 604-910-7777

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The Kitsilano Showboat stage has been a fixture in the Kits community for more than 70 years.

Performers from all over the world come to showcase their talent and entertain residents of the Kitsilano neighbourhood.

Stay tuned for our next video to discover another treasure of the Kitsilano community.

Have questions about Kits? Feel free to contact me anytime at 604-910-777 or

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Our second video in the Discover Kitsilano series will take you to an often-missed building in the Kits Point area - the Vancouver Academy of Music.

The building is unassuming and blends well with the surrounding landscape without drawing undue attention to itself. Many people drive right past it without realizing it's even there.

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BC Assessment notices have arrived in the mail, giving some homeowners a big smile and a bit more spring in their step (increased property taxes aside), while others wilt and lament at a modest gain or decrease in assessed value.

Think of the assessed value instead as something akin to a weather forecast, spanning far larger and more diverse areas than the unique ecosystem that is your neighbourhood, your specific street, or your specific property. A weather forecast made the previous July, not the previous week. As this is when assessed values are locked in, a full six months prior to the notices being mailed out. 

For this reason, provincial property assessments should never be solely relied upon as any sort of relevant indicator of true market value for the purposes of purchase, sale or financing. So, is this a Christmas present in July? OR is it? 

Before, I explain the types of appraisal here are some fun facts you may or may not know;


  • In BC, anybody can appeal anything.  Keep this in mind that if you ever get in a dispute with your neighbor, appeal their assessment to get it increased! 
  • The total value of the roll in BC for 2017 increased 25% from 2016 to 1.68 trillion
  • Despite this, only 1.36% of properties were appealed.  This is consistent with previous years as annual appeal rates in BC are usually between 1% - 1.5%.


The Two Kinds of Appraisals

It is important to note that there are two kinds of professional appraisals. There is the marketing appraisal, such as one ordered by a seller. And there is the financing appraisal, which is done so the bank is satisfied the house is worth what the buyer and seller have agreed it’s worth. The financing appraisal is a less in depth review and more a matter of answering the question: Is this property worth the agreed-upon purchase/sale price?


marketing appraisal goes deeper (and costs more), but a lender is not concerned with the actual market value over and above the purchase/sale price. A lender just wants the simple question answered. It is a rare day that the appraisal for financing has a value that differs significantly, if it all, from the sale price. Therefore one should not be surprised if, when buying a home, they find that the appraisal comes in bang on at the purchase price. As they do 99 per cent of the time. The one per cent of the time that the value is off, it is almost always a private transaction where the seller has had no professional guidance at all and has inadvertently set their price below market, by relying on something as inaccurate as their BC Assessment document.

In summary, rather than relying on your out-of-date BC Assessment for your home’s value, you should gather professional opinions from real estate agent(s) and an appraiser – these are the people with their feet on the ground and their heads in the game.

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The concept of going “green” has gained popularity in recent years, and for good reason - it’s in everyone’s best interest to reduce our impact on the environment.


Much of the buzz around going green focuses on things you can do inside your home to reduce energy costs. Many tips focus on strategies such as using energy-efficient light bulbs, double-paned windows, solar panels, recycling, and using sustainable materials for new builds and renovations.


With all the focus on going green inside, it’s easy to forget there are ways to be more environmentally conscious outside as well. Here are a few tips for greener gardening:


Avoid Pesticides and Weed Killer

Instead of relying on harsh chemical pesticides and herbicides that can contaminate soil – and also harm beneficial insects – deal with weeds the old-fashioned way – pull them by hand. Not only does this keep your garden free of chemicals, it’s great exercise and can actually be relaxing!

Put Tools Away at the End of the Day

While it may be tempting to leave your tools lying about at the end of a day spent working in the garden, taking the time to put them away has multiple benefits. First, your tools will last longer if they’re not left out in the elements. Also, tools left out in the rain can rust, which can leak into the soil.

Decorate with Natural Materials

Garden gnomes and other ornamental pieces add colour and charm to your outdoor space, but they can also leech unwanted chemicals into the ground. Instead of painted objects, consider decorating your garden with items made from natural components such as bamboo, wood, string, or other organic materials. You can also use a variety of flowers and plants to bring colour and texture into your yard.


When it comes to going green, you don’t have to make big changes to make a difference. Every small thing you do differently contributes to a larger impact in the long run. Happy gardening!


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