Gift Yourself A Merry Little Renovation This Christmas

Planning on a Christmas bonus? Why not stash that cash into your home?

With just a $3000 budget, you can make some impactful home improvements that return all or most of their value in resale, while giving yourself a little gift in the process. 

Kitchen and bathroom’s attract a buyer’s attention first, and they’re arguably the most used room’s in a home. Instead of a full renovation, you can add meaningful but value-conscious improvements. 

Hosting a holiday get-together? New bathroom fixtures can add flair, like turning ordinary faucets into focal points. 

Bathroom investments typically recoup 80 - 90% of their budget in resale, making them both a smart decision and one that adds comfort. A jetted tub fits within the $3000 budget, yet looks and feels far more luxurious than the price suggests. Not to mention, winter nights get a little less chilly!

Cooking Christmas dinner in a stale kitchen makes anyone feel like a turkey. A new countertop will put you at the top of your budget, but will have all your guests — and future buyers — talking. 

Welcome guests to your home with a brand new, custom hand cut front door. Sound expensive? These improvements will hit your budget’s ceiling, but they return nearly 100% in the investment.

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