Here's What Your New Year's Resolutions Shouldn't Be

Doing Spring Cleaning... in Spring

If you're waiting until Spring to start emptying your house, you've waited too long. Vancouver's real estate market has cooled, and that means you cannot wait around. 

Instead of waiting, start after the confetti's settled from your New Year's party. This gives you a major time advantage if you decide to list in the Spring, and may also mean lower costs for disposal, storage, etc. due to the slow season. 

Thinking of downsizing? Just thinking of de-cluttering a home can be challenging, let alone actually starting the job.

Through your realtor, hiring someone to help de-clutter is a great way to help you detach yourself from your stuff, creating a plan to slowly and methodically removing things you don’t need or want. 

And best of all, with some extra cash and all the newfound space, you can make some small improvements that'll increase your home's value too! 

Finally Talking To The One Realtor You See Most Often

There are many realtors in Vancouver. Yet, many people will often choose the one they see the most, either in-person , on their note pads, on the grocery cart or bench buses. 

You should give them a chance, but you should also interview a couple more agents to see who's out there. You wouldn't shop at one car dealership, so why stop at just one realtor? 

Think of it like getting a Second Opinion, which is what you should do for anything as important as buying or selling a home.

Asking Your Neighbour What They Sold Their Home For

Many home sellers immediately go to their neighbours and the news to determine what they feel their home is worth. 

The problem is that this may immediately set unrealistic expectations, setting in motion a process that grinds to a halt when a realtor gives a realistic estimate of what a home's really worth. 

To prevent this, if you're thinking of selling your home, call a realtor and ask for a valuation. Once it's provided, call another realtor for a Second Opinion. 

Not only does this set your expectations properly, but it also helps you become a savvier seller, removing some of the personal attachment from your asset. 

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