Salternatives! De-Icing Alternatives to Salt

Are your sidewalks becoming more skating rink than pavement? Before choosing any bag of salt, consider a couple alternatives.

Salt doesn’t just discolour sidewalks, it chews into them, causing pockmarks and divots that ironically become yearlong tripping hazards.

And that corrosiveness is getting onto our shoes, boots and the paws of our pets, as well as into our grass and gardens. 

Magnesium Salt 

If you must use salt, look for products containing Magnesium Chloride, which is significantly less damaging to the environment, paws and sidewalks. 

Avoid Calcium Chloride and Sodium Chloride, as their use will attack concrete, irritate skin and paws, and contaminate plants, grass and soil. 


Featured on Dragon’s Den, Ecotraction is proudly Canadian and used worldwide in cities and businesses as a salt-free alternative. 

Instead of melting ice, Ecotraction’s volcanic rock digs into ice and snow, instantly creating traction. 

Just one cup of the product can cover 144 square feet, making it easy to apply and cost-effective. And once the snow has melted, the product can be swept into your garden as a nourishing treat for plants and grass!

Nothing Beats The Power of Beets

Go green with the extract of purple beets. Beet extract is a surprisingly effective de-icer, thanks to its water molecule disrupting power. 

Best of all, the smell left by the mixture is often akin to a Tootsie Roll! 

Leave The Salting & Shovelling To Someone Else

Is Vancouver’s weather making you feel salty? Consider downsizing to a condo, and taking off to the tropics where the only salt you need to care about is how much is on your Margarita rim. 

Want to know where to start? Contact Michael Tudorie at 604.910.7777 today!

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