The BENEFITS of hiring a realtor at the last minute!

A realtor’s commission doesn’t change whether you hire them a day before you buy a house or a year.

But many people wait. And for good reason! Hiring a realtor until just before you buy or sell a home has a number of benefits. Here’s just a few:

Not having to meet just one reliable, well-regarded contractor.

Instead, you and your partner will spend Sunday morning’s together, gazing at the yellow pages and internet classifieds for potential hires, as well as calling friends and family for referrals.

Then, you’ll meet plenty of new people, letting them and their dirty boots into your home for estimates, often during times you should be at the office or out running errands!

Negotiate On Your Terms

Why not try practicing your negotiating skills with colourful characters?

Everyone loves a bargain. Especially the people on Craigslist who’ll show up to offer five dollars for your ten dollar lamp! When you don’t have a realtor who’s connected with de-cluttering services, your bartering skills get a work out!

Get A Work Out or Work Out Your Issues

Getting a lower-back workout, with items you already own!

Think you need a Bowflex? Think again! All you need to do is say ‘no’ to a realtor with access to reliable movers, and move Grandma’s antique piano by yourself. Get a chest workout moving that chest of drawers out the front door, or work those arms with your armoire down a flight of steps!

Best of all, your significant other will help you combat memory loss by reminding you of all the times you didn't take their side, didn't make the right choice, or didn't take them dancing that one anniversary. 

If you’re in the market for a home and decide you don’t want the above benefits, I can take care of all those things and more. Simply call me at 604-919-7777.

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