Why Should You Consider Co-op Housing?

Co-op's are Equitable, Affordable Homes in the Heart of Vancouver 

Many Vancouverites are unfamiliar with co-op housing or associate it with low-income earners. 


But co-op’s shouldn’t be a curiousity. Popular in Germany and Sweden — countries that prize strong social safety nets — co-op housing encourages neighbours to work together, sharing in the management of the property. 


It’s not uncommon for residents to pitch in, such as seniors providing child-minding for working parents. This neighbourly atmosphere creates a tight-knit environment where people look out for each other’s safety and well-being, unlike an increasing number of strata or single-detached neighbourhoods. 


Co-op’s are often central, and like this Beach Avenue listing in Vancouver’s West End, allow residents to live affordably in increasingly unaffordable cities. 


Best of all, co-ops charge fees based on income levels, ensuring that people of all walks of life and backgrounds can live with each other, a reflection of Canada’s diverse society. 


Can You Co-Op?

Begin your search by contacting a realtor with a co-op listing, or who is knowledgeable about ones in the area. They will help you find a co-op with a community and location that fits you. 


Then, ensure you can secure the funds to become a shareholder in the co-op. 


Ever interview for a job? To ensure you’re a fit for the community and understand its rules, a meeting is set up with the co-op’s board. This is a great opportunity to meet your potential neighbours and learn what makes the community special. 


Much like a strata, there are many rules to ensure residents have a quiet, comfortable, communal environment to live in. 


If you’re approved and after the paperwork, you are transferred shares and become a participating shareholder in the co-op community, contributing to its well-being. 


Want to Learn More?  

Co-op’s are becoming more popular among young families and seniors. But many people know little about these communities. 


To learn more, visit the Co-operative Housing Federation of BC or contact Michael Tudorie at 604.910.7777

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