About Jeremy

Michael Tudorie, Real Estate Consultant is happy to announce that Jeremy Sally as part of the team as digital marketing specialist, unlicensed. Jeremy brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in the online marketing space, design and video productions to name just a few of Jeremy’s skills. Some of his achievements comes come from assignments he is most passionate about over and above accomplishments in the corporate world most recently “the go to guy for marketing” of a multi-million dollar mining company. Here are few items he is most proud about:

Pioneer bike register program which is now in place with VPD and City of Van Passionate about journalism school Langara and still maintain the Langara Voice Communication Director with Kerrisdale OM Policing Center.

Jeremy skills are easily transferable in real estate world on how to foster my marketing expertise with superior results for my clients. I look forward working with Jeremy while he applies the skills and experience.

Welcome aboard Jeremy