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The title is not to upset anyone but, we are all guilty of reading headlines. So, if this gets you to read past line two of this blog it achieved its goal.

This blog is about misleading information as we leave in the world of trust or not trust the media, Facebook whatever reports out there. I recently learnt about a website which supposed to let consumers know the sold data called 'Fisherly'

Fact Check: The Competition Bureau of Canada won the court case in Ontario two years ago which made it mandatory for real estate agents to publish sold prices on public websites. Few months later BC made this as a new policy however, it was kept under the rug until now.

When I first learnt about this new policy I contact my website provider to see how I could display the sold prices on my website. Yes, there is a process but, such info is available online, see below. Every agent is not mandated to do this, it’s optional but, I feel there is nothing to hide and value I provide is beyond sold prices of a property.

What I find it misleading or bending the truth is when people behind 'Fisherly' claim they provide a public service that is already offered through this website but, consumers just do not know that sold data is readily available. Consumers have a lot of choice these days, more so in USA with technology companies like Zoocasa or most recently Amazon offering some sort of real estate services. Real estate has a life on it’s own and there are enough people having say which makes things even more confusing for consumers who do not know what or whom to believe.

That is when a real estate professional becomes more valuable.
I am all for consumer having info but, the key is what does it mean to you and what do you do with it to help you move to the next step in your life weather is upsizing, downsizing or buy your first home? On this article I could go on about services agents provide but that’s another chapter. In closing, I hope consumers do not double guess on info found online and have right information to make an educated decision about biggest purchase/investment of their life.

Bonus: Here are the latest Market Stats for you to know the Micro market update.

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