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There comes a time when moving from larger to smaller living quarters becomes a serious consideration. Michael has a specialized understanding of how to do it efficiently and successfully.

Michael’s Mindset

Being There is the constant mindset of Realtor, Michael Tudorie. His clients learn this as they bear witness to his unsurpassed level of involvement, and his commitment to their selling, buying or downsizing needs. Michael’s over 10-year experience, Vancouver market savvy, and omnipresent counsel expertly address his client’s real estate challenges big and small – providing reliability and certainty well beyond the norm. With an honest, down-to earth style, he handles the myriad of issues surrounding a real estate transaction with welcome ease.


 Dunbar or Southlands ? Which neighbourhood is better and why? 

When people move into a new area there must be a good reason why. I help clients not only choose best house for them to grow into but, a lifestyle because it matters as much what is outside of their doorstep.

People choose an area because they may have family or friends whom live close by, want to be within certain school catchment, close to work, c...

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Vancouver Real Estate Market Update: December 2020

Strong December activity brought Vancouver 2020 home sales total in line with the long-term annual average Welcome to December's Real Estate Market Update

Happy New Year and welcome to the first Real Estate Market Update of 2021!

Even with a global pandemic and a much-altered Holiday season, it was still a busy December for the Vancouver Real Market...

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What is My Home Worth? - Assessed Value vs Appraised Value vs Real Estate Market Value

It’s that time of the year again – BC assessment notices will soon be arriving in the mail, and many homeowners will be wondering what their home is worth and what the difference between the assessed value, appraised value and market value is.
As a homeowner, you may already have an idea of what your property is worth. However, the difference betwe...

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