There comes a time when moving from larger to smaller living quarters becomes a serious consideration. Michael has a specialized understanding of how to do it efficiently and successfully.

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Being There is the constant mindset of Realtor, Michael Tudorie. His clients learn this as they bear witness to his unsurpassed level of involvement, and his commitment to their selling, buying or downsizing needs. Michael’s over 10-year experience, Vancouver market savvy, and omnipresent counsel expertly address his client’s real estate challenges big and small – providing reliability and certainty well beyond the norm. With an honest, down-to earth style, he handles the myriad of issues surrounding a real estate transaction with welcome ease.

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traditional vs. modern homes

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I was going to try to remain neutral, but it’s hard. I like areas with a somewhat homogeneous look to the streetscape, and when you have a modern home in between two very traditional, red-brick homes, it’s the very definition of “Peacocking.

There are a lot of different ways one can evaluate the modern versus the “traditional...

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Buying real estate is not like buying groceries , electronics or other goods and services. Properties don’t have a fixed price tag, and for that matter, they don’t have a fixed value. Like stocks, RE values constantly shift based on what buyers are willing to pay. Yet value and price are not always the same thing in real estate.

Price is what a buye...

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What should consider when adding an income suite ? Basement or Laneway home

A. Separate Entrance ideally side entrance

Firstly, is you lot eligible for Infill or laneway home ? 

Here is the criteria ; Lot size must be a minimum of 32.8 feet wide and must have have access to an open lane. Permission to build on a smaller lot may be granted by the Board of Variance (604-873-7611)

33 foot wide lot allows you to have a maximum of...

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