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how to analyse the real estate market

Posted on Nov 16, 2021 in Selling and Buying Advice

No doubt real estate is on people’s minds because there is so much weight placed on such large investment, no pond intended.
There are many approaches to analyse the real estate market like doing a SWOT analysis , 5 W’s or knowing economic factors all depends on your way of understanding.

Using emotion to make purchase decision and justifying with...

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#1 Tip NO one talks about 

Posted on Nov 05, 2021 in Selling and Buying Advice

Selling and buying a home can be downright scary specifically in today’s real estate market. If you want to succeed you need a plan.

99% of people start their search online to see ‘what’s out there’ normally better hence the reason for moving because outgrown the current space, different school catchment, job relocation or less driving etc. Stats sh...

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looking to move? it might be time to build your forever home

Posted on Oct 20, 2021 in Real Estate Life

While today’s supply of homes for sale is still low, the number of newly built homes is increasing. If you’re ready to sell but have held off because you weren’t sure you’d be able to find a home to move into, newly built homes and those under construction can provide the options you’ve been waiting for. 

Before considering this as a viable option pl...

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Property tax in bc and more

Posted on Sep 30, 2021 in Selling and Buying Advice

Few things are guaranteed in life and taxes is one of them. Local, provincial or federal governments always seem to find a way to tax more. Recent elections promises, not in any party official party's platforms, was property taxes. Three major discussion during fall election were about taxing speculators who sell a home less than a year after purch...

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Popular Kitchen Trends to Watch for in 2022

Posted on Sep 05, 2021 in Selling and Buying Advice

Whether you’re buying or selling there seems to be one theme that prevails – the kitchen is still the “heart of the home”. Today more than ever, the kitchen reigns as a home’s centrepiece. The most appealing has become that place that integrates with the rest of the living spaces – a harmonious, functional and beautiful element that blends seamless...

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New, Reno,or Self-Build – Which Should You Take On? Part Two

Posted on Aug 21, 2021 in Selling and Buying Advice

In Part One of our blog, we looked at the pros and cons of buying into a new development and whether this is a worthwhile option – after all, it is extremely popular among Vancouverites. But there are some other avenues to explore when contemplating making a move. This is where renovating and self-builds come into play.

With so many renovation TV s...

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