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Popular Kitchen Trends to Watch for in 2022

Posted on Sep 05, 2021

Whether you’re buying or selling there seems to be one theme that prevails – the kitchen is still the “heart of the home”. Today more than ever, the kitchen reigns as a home’s centrepiece. The most appealing has become that place that integrates with the rest of the living spaces – a harmonious, functional and beautiful element that blends seamless...

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New, Reno,or Self-Build – Which Should You Take On? Part Two

Posted on Aug 21, 2021

In Part One of our blog, we looked at the pros and cons of buying into a new development and whether this is a worthwhile option – after all, it is extremely popular among Vancouverites. But there are some other avenues to explore when contemplating making a move. This is where renovating and self-builds come into play.

With so many renovation TV s...

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New, Reno or Self-Build – Which Should You Take On? Part One

Posted on Aug 15, 2021

The past year has shown us just how volatile Vancouver’s real estate market can be – especially when faced with the unpredictability of a global pandemic. Buyers and sellers are constantly finding ways to carefully and strategically navigate the ebb-and-flow realities that come with living in Vancouver and its surrounding areas. That means contempl...

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How To Pick A Realtor….Part TWo

Posted on Aug 08, 2021

In Part 1, we talked about some of the key components to be aware of when selecting the right real estate agent for you. In Part 2, we explore the topic a little more.

By now, it’s clear that a dynamic and successful realtor/client relationship tends to be more than strictly business, since you will likely be opening up your life to this individual...

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What To Look For In a Realtor…..Part One

Posted on Aug 01, 2021

You’re about to undertake one of life’s biggest stressors – you’re buying (or selling) a home – and each endeavour comes with its own particular set of parameters and challenges. It’s going to take experience and skill to successfully navigate this process, ensuring that your property sells for top dollar; or that you get everything you want in a h...

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A Navigational Guide to Vancouver’s Fluid Real Estate Market

Posted on Jul 21, 2021

With a population of approximately 2.4 million, and a ranking of 34 out of the 100 best cities in the world, Vancouver is a city on the move - literally. And while Metro Vancouver house prices have accelerated significantly over the past few months – effectively closing the market to potential home buyers – condo prices have dropped. Considering th...

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