Michael Tudorie's Home Maintenance Tips: October

We may be enjoying the final few days of warmer weather here in Vancouver, but there’s lots to look forward to as winter approaches. Crisp morning walks, evenings in front of the fire, and not long until we’re enjoying winter activities at the local ski hills!

But before you start putting up the Halloween decorations and curling up on the couch for another horror movie, there are some tasks around the home that may require attention.

If done regularly, many home maintenance tasks including those recommended this month will take a very short amount of time to complete and can help prevent expensive issues later down the line.

Here are some of my top home maintenance tips for October:

  1. Clean dishwasher strainer, spray arms, and pump. Check dishwasher drain and water connections for leaks.

  2. Clean or replace range hood filters.

  3. Inspect dryer ducts and ensure they are not clogged.

  4. Inspect washing machine water supply hoses for leaks.

  5. Test and reset all GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter) and AFCI (Arc Fault Circuit Interrupter) receptacles - these are found in the Kitchen and Bathroom.

  6. Check your garage door hinges, springs, rollers and cables for signs of wear or rust. Tighten hinges and lubricate parts as instructed by the manufacturer. Have the tension adjusted by a certified technician if needed.

  7. Check windows and glass sliding doors for smooth opening and closing operation. Clean tracks and weep holes, lubricate as necessary with non-oil-based lubricant. I highly recommend this handy tool.

  8. Inspect exterior doors for peeling and cracking, touch up where needed. Lubricate hinges and locks if required, adjust door sweeps and replace weather stripping as needed.

  9. Clean and inspect bathroom exhaust fans.

  10. Check and tighten door hardware and lubricate as necessary.

  11. Check for cracks or separations and mildew in caulking around sinks, bathtubs, toilets, faucets, counter tops and back splashes, ceramic walls, resilient and ceramic floors, window sills, and any other areas caulked. Clean and recaulk as necessary.

  12. Clean natural wood flooring with a wood cleaner recommended by the manufacturer.

  13. Check pipes and drains for water leakage. Clean drains to avoid backups.

  14. Check water supply lines and valves to sinks and toilets. Tighten if loose or leaking.

  15. Winterize exterior hose bibs, exposed pipes, and air conditioning unit.