3 Reasons why not to move to vancouver

Vancouver has some of the worst traffic in North America.  Unless you are one of the lucky ones and can walk to work, expect to spend an extra 11 days a year in gridlock!  Add to that the skyrocketing cost of gas and parking, you have the perfect storm of frustration. And don’t get me started on transit.  Buses are often late, or full and skytrain is no where near comprehensive enough to deliver you to locations outside the main core.  

2.    BC stands for Bring Cash! But the closer to the city you get, the higher the prices soar.  Yes living in a big city has perks, but is it worth it? A study by McLeans stated that real estate values fall by an average of $20,600 per minute, as one speeds over a bridge or two into surrounding communities.  Just think of how much more square footage inside and out that kind of money per minute will buy.   

3.    Vancouverites are notorious worldwide for below aloof and just downright unfriendly.  Now I personally smile at everyone, and welcome a friendly chat with my local barista or a lost tourist, but be warned your new neighbours may not be as welcoming as those from smaller communities.  I have to wonder, with our moderate climate, beautiful vistas, why are we not skipping down the streets and saying hello to everyone we pass?  I have to assume that perhaps the first point about the traffic might have something to do with it!