Population as a whole have modest perception of real estate agents but, individuals have a positive image toward agents they worked with.

                                                                           How do you find the right agent for you?

Uncle recommends because receives calendars from agent they used 20 years ago
Meet 2-3 agents and ask for proof of sale history in your area on similar property type.
Trust your gut check

Real estate agents to avoid;

Dishonest (every industry has bad apples)
Part time (If explanation is satisfactory why work part time then power to you)
Associated with perceived less reputable brokerage
Too busy to meet your needs (meet when sign listing and then never hear from his/her again)

There is a perceived knowledge what agent duties entails mostly due to industry as a whole. Here are three levels of agent’s duties;

Low level tasks

Set up a search
Make appt and show properties
View properties
Explain and sign forms
Coordinate lawyers, inspector etc
Pick up deposit
Provide keys

High level - Advising Role miss even one of these attributes and you will open to risks in real estate transaction costing you money in short or long term. 

Understand floor plans and blue prints
Property conditions
Locations specific info
Building codes
Building materials
Current legislation
Zoning or rezoning
Feng Shui
Legal issues
Contract law
Strata Property Act
Depreciation reports
Effective communicator
Standard of Ethics
Genuine Desire
Effective Communicator

Negotiations High Level task

Gather info
Motivation of seller
Creative thinker for of solutions how to influence seller to accept your offer or vice versa
Sending an offer and hope for the best is not a strategy.

½ of these attributes will do for an agent to represent you? Did not think so, take any chances with most important transaction of your life.