as a landlord, what is the most interesting item(s) a former tenant left behind ?

If you are seasoned landlord , you know not everything is NOT always smooth sailing. There are many con's of being landlord either for one unit or a boutique building. Here are top items tenants left behind and other's told me stories;

I had some tenants from Turkey. They lived in my apartments for a year. When they were graduated , they went home one day. Didn’t pack. Didn’t clean. Just got a carry-on and got on the plane and went home when the lease was up.

They left a full bar filled with all kinds of expensive liquor. I still have some bottles of single malt they left behind. There were also a few hundred dollars in cash on the floor under the bed. There was tons of expensive food rotting in the fridge and frozen meats in the freezer. They left a nearly brand new completely leather sectional in the living room and the big screen television. They also left a giant snake tank with a massive snake in it, but later, one of their friends came and got the snake. After that I put a codicil in the lease NO SNAKES.

What is your story ?