How to use Google to find out “How is the market” ?

Now this is rhetorical question but we live in the world where info is readily available just by using Google or other search engine platforms. Most people want quick answers without checking the validity or fact check of the info they consume which unfortunately became the bases for decision process. Easier is not always better.

What else Google is good for? Anything and everything. I can’t imagine being a medical professional where patiences go to see family physician and told him or her data found on Google by going down the rabbit hole to find symptoms which are not at all relevant.
Is the new AI Chat GPT going to replace human intelligence?

The question then becomes: what is the value of professionals?

It’s always an uphill battle for any trades or other professionals we need in our daily lives to establish credibility and trust. As far as real estate world, never try to convince anyone of anything just educate, here are pros and cons:

a. Use relevant online data to narrow down your search based on proximity to schools, gym or  shops if that’s important to you.
b. The best time to buy real estate is not when everyone is buying because that’s a sign that prices are on the upswing. Buy real estate and wait do NOT wait to buy real estate.
c. Online mortgage applications are not reliable as leaves out info
d. Economy: Money and time are two things you don’t want to waste. Online house shopping can help you decide which potential houses are worth looking at in person. This can be especially useful if you’re planning a long-distance move, as it can reduce the number of trips you need to take before making your final decision.
e. The personal touch: When you work with a real estate agent from the start, you can get personal insight that a website can’t provide. For example, a house might look great in photos and have all the features you’re looking for, but your real estate agent can tip you off about potentially incompatible neighbors or upcoming zoning changes.
f. Visualize the future: It can be difficult to imagine your family in a home unless you’ve stood in it, looked out the windows, tested all the doors and peered into all the cabinets. Viewing a home in person lets you get a better idea of how you might fit into this new space, and whether you really can feel at home there. Can’t buy homes on Amazon.
g. Scams: Occasionally, unscrupulous people place false advertisements to get your personal information. Never disclose personal or financial information over the Internet. And remember if a deal sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

The Bottom line ; The Internet is a helpful resource, and online house shopping can make your home-buying process a little easier. Use it as a tool; just don’t rely on it everything. Combined with the guidance of a team like real estate professional, independent mortgage advisor and/or house inspector.