August 2023

The Interplay of Housing Demand and Musical Chairs Analogy

Posted on Aug 27, 2023 in Real Estate Life

When considering a move to a different home – whether an upgrade, relocation, or downsizing – people are apprehensive due to limited availability of suitable options. This concern is well-founded, given the limited quality choices in the housing market, often leading individuals to remain in their current residences that further leads to housing sh...

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be on trend for fall 2023

Posted on Aug 15, 2023 in Selling and Buying Advice

Have you been in a store lately? The shelves are starting to fill up with all things fall. Outdoor wreaths, warm cozy throws, and velvet pumpkins signal that Fall is on its way. Changing out our homes for every season with new colours and trends can really hit you in the pocket book, and really… who has the space to store 4 seasons worth of home dé...

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