December 2022

10 tax deductions for r.e. investors

Posted on Dec 24, 2022 in Real Estate Life

There are a number of tax deductions that real estate investors have access to.
 Please consult your accountant and not solely rely on the list below as certain criteria maybe required by CRA.

1. Interest, arguably the most important deduction

2. Depreciation typically done over a 27.5 year period

3. Any repairs done to the property

4. Local traveling do...

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should I buy the nicest house on the street ?

Posted on Dec 14, 2022 in Real Estate Life

This is a difficult question that we can't answer for you however, below is some food for thought and a start of a conversation on an important topic.

The answer to this question will depend on a lot of factors, including but not limited to your financial situation, your personality/lifestyle type, and the neighborhood in which like to move into. Th...

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