trusted partners across canada

Posted on Sep 03, 2022 in Community

If you are in need of someone great to either help you buy or sell a home, please be sure to contact me and I can get you introduced to one of my trusted partners across Canada either relocating, investing or buying a vacation property.

The list of incredible professional REALTORS® from all across Canada that I know share similar values and business...

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Fun facts about our home and native land

Posted on Jun 29, 2022 in Community

    As we gather together this long weekend to celebrate with family and friends I am reminded of how great this country is, and how honoured I am to call myself a Canadian.  The freedoms we enjoy are not to be taken for granted, we are indeed blessed to call this wonderous place our home.  Whether you are taking in some of the activities around the ci...

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Posted on May 08, 2020 in Community

Simple to do :

1.     Pick up litter like plastic bottle or add household item left in the back lane e.g. No one needs to know do not take picture to post on facebook to show the good person you’re
2.     Sponsor a bench in a park or most needed parts of your neighbourhood
3.     Buy local
4.     Obey parking laws
5.     Be part of neighbourhood watch program
6.     Don’t the b...

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