January 2023


Posted on Jan 22, 2023

Now I am being a little facetious but I would like to spend a little time today talking about some good news. And the good news is that the changing market brings opportunity for people who are willing to be adaptable. You know there are as saying in tennis that ' Every shot makes somebody happy' whether the shot goes in or out somebody is happy ab...

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buyers don'ts

Posted on Jan 12, 2023 in Selling and Buying Advice

1. Don't hold out for the 'perfect ' house - there isn't one.

  2. Don't forget that compromise and prioritization are necessary elements in home buying.

3. Don't buy before you do some comparative shopping, especially if you are new to the area.

4. Don't write an unrealistic offer or you will be helping someone else's offer look good. 

5. Don't hesitate...

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