September 2022


Posted on Sep 22, 2022 in Real Estate Life

If you are not reading past the first paragraph this article is not for you so might as well swipe left. It like to take the time and understand more read on. It has never been a habit of mine to discuss politics, sex or religion. However, the local-provincial politics for past few months-years affects the lives of many people in this province and...

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TIMING THE MARKET vs. timing in the market 

Posted on Sep 07, 2022 in Selling and Buying Advice

 The old adage, “it's not about timing the market, but about time in the market,” 

Coming off summer months an interest hike announcement scheduled on September 7th will make up for an interesting fall market. Many well- intentioned buyers are still sitting on the sidelines with the belief that market will bottom eventually but just like rollercoaster...

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trusted partners across canada

Posted on Sep 03, 2022 in Community

If you are in need of someone great to either help you buy or sell a home, please be sure to contact me and I can get you introduced to one of my trusted partners across Canada either relocating, investing or buying a vacation property.

The list of incredible professional REALTORS® from all across Canada that I know share similar values and business...

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