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Buying a house or renting is a waste of money?

Posted on Feb 05, 2022 in Selling and Buying Advice

In my opinion, buying a house makes sense if you do the math, and figure out what the ACTUAL cost of ownership is, and are smart about your purchase. I think buying a big house is a waste of money if you do not have the money? To be “house” poor means most of your money goes into your house one way or the other. If you live in a home it could be a...

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if you're not paying for it, you became the product

Posted on Jan 21, 2022 in Selling and Buying Advice

Did you ever wonder how popular WhatsApp or other apps are free ? In 2014 Facebook purchased WhatsApp for $19 Billion NOT to monetize the popular messaging service used worldwide but to integrate with Facebook. The developers of Whatsapp had a moral business compass not to sell adds to users nor to charge users monthly fee. The long story short is...

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Wills and Estate Planning ft. Richard BelL

Posted on Jan 08, 2022 in Selling and Buying Advice

Wills are a great way to create generational wealth with real estate. Just as it’s happened in the past, parents leaving their owned properties to their children can create generational wealth as property values continue to rise. This could give your next of kin a huge head start in life that many only dream of.. On my podcast, the Michael Tudorie...

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Posted on Dec 13, 2021 in Selling and Buying Advice


1. Up to date and filed with land title office building bylaws, without being filed by-laws are not always enforceable.

2. Building plan confirm square footage from building blue prints and declared on MLS, any discrepancy buyer could over pay.

3. Council minutes for the past 2 + years to see a trend if council is proactive or reactive to required...

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how to analyse the real estate market

Posted on Nov 16, 2021 in Selling and Buying Advice

No doubt real estate is on people’s minds because there is so much weight placed on such large investment, no pond intended.
There are many approaches to analyse the real estate market like doing a SWOT analysis , 5 W’s or knowing economic factors all depends on your way of understanding.

Using emotion to make purchase decision and justifying with...

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#1 Tip NO one talks about 

Posted on Nov 05, 2021 in Selling and Buying Advice

Selling and buying a home can be downright scary specifically in today’s real estate market. If you want to succeed you need a plan.

99% of people start their search online to see ‘what’s out there’ normally better hence the reason for moving because outgrown the current space, different school catchment, job relocation or less driving etc. Stats sh...

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