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What to know when buying a 2nd home

Posted on Jan 24, 2020

The better question is Whom do you know to help you buying the dream home?

Preparing to buy a second home is an aspiration for many of us. For some, it’s to live out the dream of owning an urban getaway, summer cottage, or a winter chalet. For others, it’s the chance of securing extra monthly income.

Depending on whether your second home will be occ...

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Yearend Reminisce

Posted on Dec 09, 2019

In less than 20 days we’ll be into a new decade. No more teen years. On January 1st, the world, your world will kick into 2020. The beginning of the fabulous twenties. A decade of promise. Your chance to shine. The question is how have you been preparing for new decade ? OR Hope for lucky year or have you been living like a bamboo? What do you mean...

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Real Estate for Committed Learners

Posted on Nov 12, 2019

The title is not to upset anyone but, we are all guilty of reading headlines. So, if this gets you to read past line two of this blog it achieved its goal.

This blog is about misleading information as we leave in the world of trust or not trust the media, Facebook whatever reports out there. I recently learnt about a website which supposed to let co...

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